Josh Heyes

Doctoral Researcher

Current Status

First year

Research Topic

Christian young people’s experiences of sex and relationships education

Research Suumary

My research seeks to contribute to the ongoing and controversial debates about sex and relationships education in Britain through understanding the experiences of religious young people, especially the myriad ways in which sexuality comes to be meaningful for them. I want to understand in particular the distinctive role of Christian faith in these processes, given that Christian young people find themselves in a secularized society and receiving messages about sexuality that may deeply conflict with their religious sexual ethics as understood and practiced. My research is unique within the field in its use of phenomenology, a set of methodologies that centralize lived experience and meaning-making in context.

Research Interests

  • Christian young people
  • Religion and sexuality
  • Christian theology & philosophy
  • Secularization theory
  • Phenomenological research methods

Research Supervisors

Dr Toni Stolberg and Dr Sarah Hall

Source of Funding


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Publications and conference presentations

Phenomenology in Sex and Relationships Research" (Social Sciences: Different Approaches, Different Solutions? University of Nottingham 2016) “I liked it, but I was also disgusted…” Challenging British sex and relationships education through Christian young men’s experiences of romantic relationships (Birmingham PGR Education Conference 2016)

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