Judith Bruce-Golding

Doctoral Researcher 


Postgraduate students take part in ESRC Festival of Social Science
Researchers from the School of Education displaying their work in the Library of Birmingham for the 2013 ESRC Festival of Social Science: Tom Perry, Marilena Mademtzi, Sarah Clemerson, Judith Buckley, Ricky Wang, Frederick Ebot-Ashu.

Current Status

Writing up

Research Topic

Deputy and Assistant Headship: Why Headship is no longer an option

Research Summary

It is an expected view that Deputy and Assistant Headteachers make the ‘expected’ transition into Headship within schools in England, with the notions of role progression, aspiration and performance development at the heart of the process (NCSL, 2009), but in reality this is not the case.

Applications for the Headship role within the Primary and Secondary education sector over the past 5 years in the UK is at an all-time low signalling weaknesses in the succession planning strategy on a regional national level. This research therefore aims to reflect a ‘snapshot’ collation of perceptions and experiences within the Deputy and Assistant Headteacher roles along with reflective views of Headship.

Research questions

  • What are the current views of Deputy and Assistant Headteachers on their career?
  • What are the perceived barriers to Headship experienced within the Deputy and Assistant Headteacher role?
  • Which management/training strategies can be used to address the perceived “barriers” to Headship?

Research Interests

  • Education and Leadership
  • Urban Education Practice and Issues and Special Educational Needs in particular social/emotional and behavioural issues
  • Special Education
  • Urban and Gender Studies

Research Supervisor

Dr Tom Bisschoff



Membership of Research and Professional Organisations

Member of BELMAS

Contact details

Email: JMB926@bham.ac.uk