Juliet A. Atuguba

Doctoral Researcher

Juliet2Current Status

Second year

Research Topic

Preparation of pre-service teachers for environmental science teaching in basic schools in Ghana: college tutors perspectives.

Research Summary

This study is a phenomenological inquiry into the perception of college tutors on the teaching of environmental education (theory and practice) in colleges of education in Ghana and whether it adequately prepares students to teach environmental science at the basic level upon completion.

Research Interests

  • Environmental education
  • Curriculum development
  • Teacher education

Research Supervisor

Dr. Nick Peim  


Ghana Education Trust Fund (GETFUND)


Atuguba, J.A. (2015 in press) An assessment of environmental literacy of pre-service teachers in colleges of education in Ghana. 14th Doctoral Research Conference, School of Education. University of Birmingham.

Atuguba, J. A. and Yakpir, G. M. (2012) Biology 1 for Schools and Colleges,NAB superior services, Accra, Ghana (ISBN 978-9988-1-6523-9)

Yakpir, G. M. and Atuguba, J. A. (2012) Biology 2 for Schools and Colleges, NAB superior services, Accra, Ghana (ISBN 978-9988-1-6524-6)

Atuguba, J.A. (2008) Perception of water conservation in households: comparing affluent and deprived communities in Birmingham. Master of Science (Msc), School of Geography Earth and Environmental Sciences (GEES), University of Birmingham, Edgbaston, United Kingdom.

13th Annual Doctoral Conference – School of Education, University of Birmingham- 29th November 2014

Contact details

Email: jxa744@bham.ac.uk