Sara King

Research Topic

What do maternity services do now to support autistic women as service users; what do they need to do to improve?

Sara King

Research Summary

This study aims to understand autistic mothers' experiences of maternity services and find ways that they could be improved.

Birth experiences can affect both the mother and child in terms of their physical and mental health. These experiences, whether good or bad, may shape the parenting relationship, affect the mother’s confidence and general wellbeing.  It's important that we give all women the best support possible.  

The research will involve autistic mothers from across England and maternity services staff.

Research Status

Second Year, part time

Research Interests

  • Parenting as an autistic adult
  • Autistic adults’ experiences of maternity services

Research Supervisors

Dr Andrea MacLeod and Dr Caroline Richards


Part funded by Charles Sharland Autistica Grant Scheme Award, part self-funded


PGDip in Autism (Adults), MCIPS