Lynda Smith

Doctoral researcher 

Lynda SmithCurrent status

2nd year- Part time

Research Topic

What do family narratives reveal about how families sustain caring for children with autism at home?

Research summary

My research is concerned with exploring the perspectives of families of children with autism. Some families despite considerable efforts find themselves unable to continue to care for their child with autism within the family home. In these circumstances a residential placement is sought, often as a last resort. By contrast my research project explores the 'often overlooked' ordinary families who manage to continue to care for their children at home, in spite of the many challenges. It is concerned with giving a voice to these families and understanding the factors that enable them to sustain caring for their children at home. In relation to this research, I am positioned from the perspective of my own experience of parenting my son with autism and learning difficulties.

Research interests

  • Autism and learning difficulties
  • Lived experience
  • Family support: including social support, short breaks and parent training programmes
  • Coping strategies and resilience
  • Family belief systems
  • Behaviour that challenges

Research Supervisors

Dr Karen Guldberg and Dr Despina Papoudi

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