Martin Goodwin

Doctoral Researcher 

Current Status

First year

Research Topic

Quality assurance of communication and involvement between staff and pupils with severe and profound learning difficulties: towards a whole school approach within special schools.

Research summary

In 2015 a publication that I co-wrote entitled Communicate with Me – A Resource to Enable the Effective Communication and Involvement with People with a Learning Disability (Goodwin et al 2015) was published by Speechmark. This research seeks to further contribute to the development of the quality assurance framework (QAF) and analyse it’s effectiveness by seeking to understand how it can improve and develop special schools implementation of communication and involvement. Effective Communication and Involvement that is of good quality may be highly variable and contingent on the quality of support that individual practitioners offer and the support that they the practitioner receive from the service. A strategic approach that uses a QAF and guidance may ensure that practitioners are supported by management and the structures and systems of the service so that they can be effective in their role as communication partners.

My key research question is:

To what extent does use of the Communicate with Me QAF improve the effectiveness of how communication and involvement is implemented and developed within special schools for practitioners working with students who have S/PMLD ?

In relation to this overriding research question, I have the following sub-questions:

  • How does the CWM-QAF support managers of schools to lead change and enhance the strategic development of effective communication and involvement?
  • How does the use of the CWM-QAF develop reflexivity and the quality of action planning in relation to effective communication with and involvement?
  • How does the use of the CWM-QAF support the learning and development of teachers and teaching assistants?
  • How effective are the CWM-QAF mechanisms and processes in analysing, evidencing staffs skills and verifying the quality of communication and involvement?

Research interests

  • Severe Learning Disability/ Profound and Multiple Learning Disability/ Autism with Severe Learning Disability
  • Communication and Involvement
  • Pedagogy, Curriculum and Assessment
  • Quality Assurance
  • Service Responses and Policy
  • Personal Development, Sex and Relationships
  • Play /Youth Work, Creative and Therapeutic Approaches

Research Supervisors

Dr Lila Kossyvaki

Neil Hall





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Unpublished articles

Curtain, E, Edbrooke, J , Goodwin, M and Kapasi, H (2011)  DCATCH Solihull Pathway Programme – Action Research into Disabled Young People’s Access to Leisure Services – Final Report. University of Wolverhampton. Unpublished.

Goodwin, M (2011) An Investigation into the Youth Work Curriculum and Accessibility of Pedagogical Approaches for Young People with Severe Learning Disabilities. Unpublished MA Dissertation.

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Other activities

I am a Regional Tutor and Visiting Lecturer on the Severe, Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties programme.

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