Nicholas Stock

Doctoral Researcher

Nicolas Stock

Current Status

Third year, part-time.

Research Topic

An Ironist Ontotheology of Education 

Research Summary

This study addresses Richard Rorty's concept of "the ironist" and their place in Education, whilst considering Education as a theological being of great power.  The ironist's analytical lens is a composite of philosophical thought, such as that of Derrida's and Heidegger's, and holds a desire for liberal good and social hope. 

My research uses an ironist perspective to examine the genealogy of Education as a being. The research comprises of three overall areas, to be approached in a circulatory fashion:

  1. The place of ironism in Education; schools currently justify their place as a "Truth" of our society through research and assessment, and these Truths are transforming into an almost conscious voice of the being Education.  Ironism examines the ironies lurking within this voice through deconstruction.
  2. The history of Education; our system is founded on teleological arguments that, despite their criticism, have continued to accumulate.  This is another element of 'the voice' and an aspect to be deconstructed from an ironist perspective.
  3. A redescription of Education; Rorty places great weight on the place of literature and fictions as methods of redescription, so to implement the grounds for change.  This form of fictional redescription will be used to make a fresh start with Education, rather than simply redefine it within the vocabularies that currently exist. 

Research Interests

  • Postmodernism and poststructuralism  
  • The end of metaphysics  
  • The significance of Education
  • Literature as research

Research Supervisor

Dr Ben Kotzee


First year module for BA Education


School of Education


Stock, N. 2017, 'Deconstructing the Divergence: Unraveling the 2013-2015 reforms in GCSE English Language and Literature', English in Education, Vol 51 No. 2, pp.143-156.

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