Peter Brannick

Former doctoral researcher

Peter Brannick

Research Topic

Bolzano-Bozen: A Linguistic Ethnography

Research Summary

Through Linguistic Ethnography, I sought to understand the often complex interrelationships that exist within a multilingual setting, characterised by conflict or tension. Applying the linguistic ethnography paradigm I sought to understand bilingualism in Bolzano in relation to issues such as identity, language ideologies and power. Of particular interest is how policies directed at groups affect individual choices and rights.

By paying close attention to the context – in which speakers interact and language discourse takes place – I sought to understand how higher order discourses (such as social, legal, economic and political frameworks) impact on the daily lives of bilingual German-Italian speakers.

My principal data was derived from:

  • Participant observations and semi-structured interviews with a parents’ association that seeks to promote bilingual education and recognition for people from more than one cultural background;
  • Examining public discourse, especially through print media;
  • An exploration of the discourses in place in the semiotic environment.

Research Interests

  • Linguistic Ethnography
  • Semiotic Landscape & Geosemiotics
  • Nexus Analysis

Research Supervisor

Professor Adrian Blackledge

Membership in Research and Professional Organisations

  • British Association for Applied Linguistics
  • UK Linguistic Ethnography Forum

Conference Papers and Presentations

‘Multiple and Conflicting Discourses in the same Semiotic Space: Monumento alla Vittoria - The Victory Monument at Bolzano-Bozen, Italy’ Paper presented at the Explorations in Ethnography, Language and Communication: Perspectives on Data conference Aston University, UK. 23rd September 2010.