Rebecca Wood

Doctoral Researcher

Rebecca WoodCurrent Status

Second Year, full-time

Research Topic

The inclusion of autistic children in the curriculum and assessment in mainstream primary schools. 

Research Summary

Starting with secondary data sets and following a literature review, I will be investigating the extent to which autistic children in mainstream schools access the school curriculum and tests taken by the rest of their cohort. A small number of schools within one local authority will be selected in which I will carry out semi-structured interviews and administer questionnaires with school staff, parents of autistic children and a group of parents of children with no identified special educational need. I will also run focus groups. Additionally, I aim to incorporate the views of autistic children and, at a later stage, the views of autistic adults who attended a mainstream school. I would like to gain an understanding not only of the importance different participants ascribe to those tests, but also how their views are influenced by their perception of autism. Ultimately, I would like to make recommendations about the nature and format of school tests, in order to increase the participation of autistic children, which in turn could play a part in ensuring better longer term outcomes for them..

Research Interests 

  • Autism
  • Inclusion 
  • Education 
  • Disability rights 
  • Children’s rights

Research Supervisors

Dr Karen Guldberg and Dr Kerstin Wittemeyer


School of Education scholarship

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