Rosie Reinboldt

Doctoral researcher

Rosie ReinboldtCurrent Status

Second year

Research Topic

A linguistic ethnographic study of the identity construction of women fleeing from domestic abuse

Research Summary 

The main purpose of the research is to investigate how residents of a refuge for women fleeing domestic abuse construct their identities and perceive violence and to which degree social discourses affect their identity constructions and perceptions. 

It is a linguistic ethnographically informed study aiming to produce an in-depth analysis of female refuge residents’ narrative-in-interaction. An ethnographic study can potentially add detail to the entwining levels of identity construction around domestic violence with a more nuanced picture of situations and histories which have created it. Such an investigation can make an invaluable contribution to understanding better the nature of domestic violence itself, through listening to the stories of the residents gained through their narrative-in-interaction.

Research Interests

  • Narrative Analysis
  • Discourse Analysis
  • Linguistic Ethnography
  • Social Research

Research Supervisors

Professor Angela Creese and Professor Adrian Blackledge