Wanyin Li

Doctoral Researcher 

Current Status

First year, full-time.

Research Topic

The acquisition and processing of English collocations in native and non-native speakers. 

Research summary

This research project aims at investigating how Chinese speakers of English as a second language process English collocations, how their processing of collocations differs from native English speakers’ and different factors that could influence their processing, for example semantic transparency, frequency and congruence. This study also looks at how Chinese speakers of English acquire collocations.


  • MSc in Education (Distinction) University of Bristol
  • BA in English language and linguisticsFirst class) Hefei University of Technology in China

Research interests

  • Second language acquisition
  • Formulaic language
  • English collocations
  • Psycholinguistics

Research Supervisors

Source of Funding

Self Funded

Contact Details

Email: WXL810@student.bham.ac.uk