Acer members speak at ITASD Conference

Dr. Karen Guldberg, Dr. Lila Kossyvaki and Marilena Mademtzi spoke at the ITASD Conference at the Institut Pasteur in Paris on 3rd and 4th October 2014.

ITASD Conference 

They reported on four research projects:

  • Dr. Guldberg gave a presentation on the multi disciplinary ESRC funded Shape project. The Shape team worked with six school communities using a participatory methodology to create digital stories which explored how the schools embedded four different technologies into the curriculum.
  • Marilena Mademtzi gave a presentation on her PhD research, which uses a single subject design in a school setting to examine the impact of regular use of the Pictogram Room software. In the presentation she reported on findings related to development of the vestibular and proprioceptive abilities of a group of children with autism.
  • The team also presented two posters. One outlined findings from a robotics project funded by the Alumni Circles of Influence campaign. This was a collaborative project in which students in the School of Education worked with students from Computer Science and with Topcliffe Primary School. They developed new activities for NAO the robot using Kinect. The focus was on activities to enable the development of imitation and emotion recognition.
  • The other poster reported on findings from the EPSRC funded SHARE-IT project. The researchers in this project employed a participatory methodology and worked in close partnership with children with autism and their parents. They developed software customizable to their needs and preferences while considering autism theories and best practices as outlined by the literature. Researchers also explored the way the software was naturally used by children and parents at their homes.