Dr Karen Guldberg secures new funding to research current educational practices in autism

Transforming Educational Practice in Autism: enhancing the skills, knowledge and understanding of teachers in the UK, Italy and Greece.

Dr. Karen Guldberg is delighted to have secured funding of €448,358 through the Erasmus Plus Strategic Partnership call. She and her team will be working with partners in the UK, Greece and Italy to research current educational practices in autism and to develop a set of quality indicators, a competency framework, a suite of training materials, a model of training delivery and a set of Open Educational Resources.

The team will build on the successful work undertaken by the Autism Centre for Education and Research  (ACER) through the Autism Education Trust partnership, leading to more than 33,000 school-based staff receiving training in 53 local authorities in the UK. By building on this experience and investigating policies, practice and training models, the team looks forward to developing innovative and evidence-based approaches that will enhance current educational practices, policy and training delivery in the UK, Greece and Italy.