The Centre for Higher Education Equity and Access (CHEEA) is a University of Birmingham Research Centre. It is based in the university’s School of Education and led by Professor Peter Davies.

CHEEA is committed to policy and practice which promotes equity, opportunity and achievement in higher education. Our research addresses:

  • Who participates in higher education? 
  • Who studies at elite universities? 
  • Who studies which subject in higher education?

We investigate different ways of addressing these questions in theory and practice, for example: 

  • Examining the role of knowledge and ‘cultural capital’ in shaping educational choices; 
  • Examining the role of incentives for schools, students and universities in shaping patterns of participation and stratification;
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of interventions to raise aspirations and interventions to inform students about the benefits of higher education; 
  • Evaluating the benefits and limitations of different ways of categorising applicants, participants and programmes in higher education; 
  • Investigating the role of school and college curricula and guidance in shaping attitudes towards and decisions about higher education; and 
  • Investigating the role of the design of HE courses and the ‘student experience’ in students’ progression within and beyond higher education.


For general enquiries, please email the administrator Lily Ilic
Email l.ilic@bham.ac.uk
Tel: +44 (0)121 414 3294