Invisibility: the art of being black

Building R19, Room 139, School of Education
Social Sciences, Students
Wednesday 20th November 2013 (17:00-18:30)
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Centre for Research in Race and Education (CRRE) Seminar Series

Speaker: David Neita, Director, Elect Education

SDavid Neitaeminar Overview

Indelibly locked within the fabric of canvasses over the centuries are thousands of Black Characters. They have been trying to send us a message for centuries but due to lack of interest, unintentional oversight and willful disregard on the part of art historians, art critics and various art consumers these ‘Beacon Blacks’ have been rendered silent, even invisible. In this presentation, I discuss the existence of Black icons across the arts and examine the purpose of their presence.



David Neita is a celebrated lawyer, with an expertise in human rights, who was a member of the legal team that brought the largest group action case in the UK on behalf of thousand asbestos miners in South Africa. He is also a published spoken word poet who has performed and led poetry workshops for a range of groups from Brixton Prison to Broadmoor Hospital to St James’s Palace. His work has taken him all over the world and his love of the metropolis and interest in city service has stirred him to stand, as Mayor of London in 2016.