About us

DOMUS is a collaborative cluster of scholars, working on the social, political and cultural histories of schooling, education and childhood with an interest in interdisciplinary collaboration and the development of a new historiography around education, schooling and childhood. 

DOMUS came out of the following interests:

  • The heterogeneity, coherence and direction of the field of historical inquiry in education;
  • The radical shifts in the structures, discourses and sites of education in the late 20thC /early 21st C and the projection into new spaces and purposes of learning (cross national governance, virtual learning, commercial education services, lifelong learning);
  • A desire to seek collaboration with other disciplines or specialist areas of study.

The DOMUS group of academics meet regularly in seminars and business meetings, publish and present together (as independent scholars and as group representatives), organize journal editing and network convening, make national and international project applications.

The group is committed to inter-disciplinary enquiries which challenge and explore boundaries of knowledge and ways of seeing. It engages with exploratory methodologies and the generation of projects across institutional/ disciplinary boundaries: for example, on material artefacts as sources, on the use of images, on critical life history, and discursive analysis. 

DOMUS has strong links with significant historians of education in the UK, Europe, USA and Australia and meets regularly within networks. However, whilst DOMUS is international in focus, it also works with local organisations involved in the preservation, collection and dissemination of materials relating to educational histories and the histories of childhood. 

Current members of DOMUS are: 

Dr Cathy Burke (University of Cambridge)
Dr Laura Day-Ashley (University of Birmingham)
Dr Malcolm Dick (University of Birmingham)
Dr Helen Fisher (University of Birmingham)
Professor Joyce Goodman (University of Winchester)
Professor Ian Grosvenor (University of Birmingham)
Darius Jackson (Institute of Education)
Russell Manning (University of Birmingham)
Professor Jane Martin (University of Birmingham)
Dr Kevin Myers (University of Birmingham)
Dr Stephen Parker (University of Worcester)
Dr Nick Peim (University of Birmingham)
Dr Siân Roberts (University of Birmingham)
Professor Kate Rousmaniere (USA)  
David Thompson (University of Wolverhampton)
Professor Ruth Watts (University of Birmingham)