Language in Education

The School of Education hosts a number of academics who are researching and teaching different aspects of language learning and use within education, including bi/multilingualism, EAL, language learning, language teaching, language in Special Educational Needs, literacy and reading.

  • Vikki Anderson, Teaching Fellow, Language, Literacies & Dyslexia.  
  • Bene Bassetti, Senior Lecturer in Bilingualism and Language Learning. Interests: psychology of language; bilingualism, biscriptalism and biliteracy; second language learning; Chinese, English and Italian languages.
  • Elizabeth Chilton, Lecturer in Language, Literacies and Education. 
  • Catherine Darnell, Research Fellow. Interests: reading development, phonics.
  • Graeme Dobson, Lecturer, SENCO (Special Educational Needs Coordination).
  • Graeme Douglas, Lecturer in Disability, Inclusion and Special Needs. Interests: literacy.
  • Sally Hobday, Lecturer in Secondary English Education.
  • Eleni Mariou, Lecturer in Educational Linguistics. Interests: Multilingualism in educational and social contexts; Language ideology and discourse; Cultural and political implications of English as an International Language; Language education
  • Maria Reraki, Programme Leader, Language, Literacies and Dyslexia. Interests: language learning for learners with literacy difficulties (dyslexia); language development and literacy in bi/multilingual learners; global self-esteem for bi/multilingual learners with dyslexia.
  • Nicola Smith, Lecturer in Primary and Early Years Education. Interests: young children’s language development, EAL (English as an Additional Language).
  • Emmanouela Terlektsi, Lecturer in Deaf Education.         
  • Angela Wootten, Teaching Fellow in Deafness and Hearing Impairment.


The School of Education offers the following language-related courses:

PhD Supervision

If you are interested in working with any of the above researchers, please get in touch with them directly. You can find their contact details on their personal webpage.