Dr Mark Sebba

Much of Mark's current research concerns written bilingual and multilingual texts - magazines, websites, emails and other texts which contain a mixture of languages. He is also interested in the Sociolinguistics of Orthography, a relatively unexplored field which examines the cultural and social aspects of spelling and writing systems. 

He is on the editorial board of the journal Writing Systems Research and has written an article on "Sociolinguistic approaches to writing systems research" which appears in the first issue. 

His other main interests are in pidgin and creole languages and in the analysis of conversational code switching in bilingual communities. He is also interested in corpus linguistics - especially problems of bilingual spoken corpora - and has set up a corpus of written British Creole.

He is a member of the Steering Committee of the LIPPS group, which is developing standards for the transcription and encoding of multilingual data, and aims to set up an international database of code-switching data. Their publication, the LIDES Coding Manual: A Document for Preparing and Analysing Language Interaction Data contains advice, guidelines and recommended transcription standards for researchers with bilingual data.

Selected publications

Language Mixing and Code-Switching in Writing: Approaches to Mixed-Language Written Discourse 

Spelling and Society: The culture and politics of orthography around the world

London Jamaican (which is about the use of English and Creole among Caribbeans in London.)