Research in MOSAIC

Translation and Translanguaging: investigating linguistic and Cultural transformations in superdiverse wards in four UK cities (TLANG)

The Translation and Translanguaging research project (TLANG), funded by AHRC, aims to understand how people communicate multilingually across diverse languages and cultures. The researchers will be looking closely and over time at language practices in public and private settings in Birmingham, Cardiff, Leeds, and London and will investigate how communication occurs (or fails) when people bring different histories and languages into contact.

Investigating discourses of inheritance and identity in four multilingual european settings

Case studies in four national contexts used ethnographic observation and interviews to investigate cultural heritage and global identities in a range of educational settings, where new and established linguistic practices connect and disconnect.

Overcoming Barriers to University Education in South Africa (OBUESA) Project

This research which runs from 2016-2017 research will inform equitable language policy and practice in university education in South Africa

Researching Multilingualism, Multilingualism in Research Practice

This project (2010-2013), funded by the ESRC under its Researcher Development Initiative, aimed to provide for researchers at different points in their career, advanced training and development activities which are related to the study of multilingualism and to multilingualism in research practice.
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