Evaluation of the use of IRIS-Connect (Video Technology) to support teachers' reflection and practice

May 2015 - December 2017


Principal Investigator
Professor Peter Davies
Email p.davies.1@bham.ac.uk

This project was commissioned by the Education Endowment Foundation fund to evaluate the schools’ use of IRIS-Connect video system for reflecting on lessons.

The intervention is predicated on a belief that school-wide change occurs when the introduction and development of a school initiative is managed as a gradual process as described the models of Joyce & Showers (2002) and Rogers (2010). IRIS-Connect is collaborating with Whole Education in the design and support of the change management process. This management process is expected to steadily increase the quantity of technology use and deepen the impact of using the technology on teachers’ thinking and practice. Previous research has reported improvements in the quality of teachers’ analysis of classroom teaching and learning through the use of videoed lessons (e.g. Santagata et al. (2007).

The IRIS system offers opportunities that appear to be an advance on this previous practice. In particular, it enables classroom videos to be reviewed and commented upon through an online platform. Moreover, the system facilitates comparison of practice and students’ learning behaviours and this option (if used by teachers) might be expected to advance their thinking and practice if this comparison is used systematically to highlight critical dimensions in the quality of teaching (Pang & Marton 2003, Vikström 2014), The theory presumes that changes in teachers’ thinking and practice which affect students’ learning will operate in part through change in students’ beliefs about their role as learners and what they do in the classroom. The benefits for children will be observed in their approach to learning as well as in their achievements.