Exploring conceptions of financial literacy in the European VET context

European Commission - Lifelong Learning
2012 - 2014
Principal Investigator
Professor Peter Davies

The University of Birmingham is a member of an EU Leonardo Partnership exploring the place of financial literacy in vocational education and training (VET). There are five countries in the FLin€VET partnership: Germany, Italy, Portugal and Switzerland and the UK. The partnership has developed a framework for analysing VET programmes based on the broad conception of financial literacy from the University of Birmingham and the OECD definition.

The partnership began in 2013 and continues until late 2015. The key participants from the University of Birmingham are Professor Peter Davies and Fatima Syed.

The objectives of FLin€VET are the following: 

  • To analyse and compare if and how Financial Literacy is represented and realized in existing national VET Programs of participating countries. 
  • To offer an arena for discussing the adequacy of existing Financial Literacy conceptions with respect to prevalent needs and wants in European VET. 
  • To promote higher awareness, reflexivity, and critical knowledge of Financial Literacy in European VET and to point out critical issues that should be addressed in a future wider project (e.g., DOI or TOI).

The project web site can be found at http://www.flinevet.eu/index.php?page=partner&id=30