Vision Impairment Centre for Teaching And Research (VICTAR)

VICTAR is a research and teaching centre in the University of Birmingham which focuses on the social and educational inclusion of people with vision impairment.

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Professional development

VICTAR is the largest teacher training provider in the area of vision impairment in the UK.  The Mandatory Qualification for Teachers of Children with Visual Impairment  is open to teachers with Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) or equivalent. It is also open to teachers (as well as other professionals with appropriate qualifications) working with children and young people with vision impairment who are not seeking the MQ.

Masters and Research degrees

We welcome professionals who wish to extend their qualifications by undertaking research training and developing a research dissertation. Find out more.


Some of our research includes Useful guidelines and resources.


Disabled Students’ Allowance: is it fit for purpose?
What is Disabled Students’ Allowance? Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA) is a non-means tested scheme for UK-based students, which aims to remove barriers to learning for students with disabilities. In the case of vision impairment, it can be used to fund things like mobility training around a campus, specialist equipment like Jaws and assistance in practical … Continue reading Disabled Students’ Allowance: is it fit for purpose?

Birmingham’s Sensory Support Tackling Adulthood Transition Challenges
This months VICTAR blog comes from Anna Roche who leads on post-16 transition work at Birmingham Local Authority Sensory Impairment team. Anna talks about her experience of setting up a new project which aims to improve access to work experience opportunities for young people with sensory impairment. Anna set up this project after attending our … Continue reading Birmingham’s Sensory Support Tackling Adulthood Transition Challenges

Visually impaired child in Malawi

Our Research

Members of VICTAR are actively involved in a number of funded research projects. Some of the projects are listed below (a number of which have reports which may be downloaded). 

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