Dr Abolaji Mustapha

Abolaji MustaphaDr Abolaji Samuel Mustapha is from Nigeria, where he lectures and carries out research in the department of English, Lagos State University, Ojo, Lagos as Senior Lecturer. He holds a BA Education (Education/English) degree, master's degree in English Language from the University of Lagos, Nigeria and a doctoral degree in sociolinguistics from the University of Essex, Colchester, UK.


He chose to visit the School of Education as a scholar because of its widely publicised reputation for research in gender and education studies. Samuel worked with Professor Christine Skelton who is a leading figure in gender and education research.

Research within the School of Education

Samuel worked on gender and education whilst he was in the School of Education as a visiting scholar. He was examining the strengths and 'silences' in the Nigeria National Gender Policy in order to map out the way forward for the implementation of the policy within the education sector.

His visit was sponsored by the Association of Commonwealth Universities Fellowship Award Scheme.

Research interests

He is interested in gender and language, gender and education, teaching of English as a second language (ESL), politeness and speech functions, language planning and policy, multilingualism, pidgins and creoles among others. 

Membership of Research and Professional Organisations

  • International Gender and Language Association, ELTT (Nigeria), Gender and Education Association 
  • Nigeria English Studies Association

Presentations and publications

He has attended academic conferences, workshops and seminars within and outside Nigeria (UK, Germany, Cameroun).

He has about 40 publications in local and international journals including:

Mustapha, A. S. & Offordile, E. (2012d). Capitalization errors in undergraduates’ essays and the way forward. Ife Papers in English and Linguistics 13, 209-222.

Mustapha, A. S. (2012c). A functional approach to identifying the compliment data. Rice Working Papers in Linguistics 3, 1-15 (USA)

Mustapha, A. S. (2012b) Approaches to identifying the compliment data. International Journal of English Linguistics 2/1, 220-230. (Canada)

Mustapha, A. S. (2012a). A Review of Nigeria’s Language Policy. Abuja Journal of English and Literary Studies 2/1, 216-229

Academic awards

Commonwealth Scholarship Award (Essex, UK, DAAD Scholar (Germany) 

British Academy Visiting Scholar Award (Sheffield Hallam University, UK).

He is a Commonwealth Fellow at the University of Birmingham.

Contact details

Email: abolajimustapha@hotmail.com

Email: abolajimustapha@yahoo.co.uk