Marta Padovan-Özdemir

Marta Padovan-+ûzdemir hjemmesideMarta Padovan-Özdemir is a PhD-student in the Section of Education, Institute of Media, Cognition and Communication, Faculty of Humanities, University of Copenhagen. Her main supervisor is associate professor Trine Øland (University of Copenhagen) and her co-supervisor is MSO-professor Kaspar Villadsen (Copenhagen Business School). Marta holds an MA in Education from the University of Copenhagen and a BA in Education and Cultural Encounters from Roskilde University, Denmark.

She chose to visit the School Education because of its widely recognized cross-disciplinary contribution to critical studies on race, ethnicity and history of education. Marta worked with Professor Ian Grosvenor who is a leading scholar in the history of education of immigrant children. She also had inspiring conversations with Professor David Gilborn and Lecturer Kevin Myers.

Research within the School of Education

Marta worked on an historical analysis of the pedagogical repertoires made available to teachers of immigrant schoolchildren in Danish public schools 1970-2013. Reading through 160 teacher guidelines covering the entire period, she examined the regimes of practice of how to teach and socialize immigrant pupils, and how the regimes of practice were justified by regimes of knowledge explaining why immigrant pupils should be taught and socialized in particular ways. The how and why of pedagogical repertoires are always also embedded in societal utopia. Consequently, Marta also inquired how an examination of such a pedagogical minutiae could help to tease out the making of a Danish welfare nation state where it is not named but practiced.

Her visit was sponsored by a research grant from The Danish Council for Independent Research, Section of Humanities. Her PhD project contributes to the collective research project, Professional Interventions as a State-Crafting Grammar Addressing the ‘Immigrant’ managed by Associate Professor Bolette Moldenhawer.

Research interests

Marta is interested in the intersections of migration and education, welfare state formation in relation to globalization, critical analysis, and methodologies in the history of education among others.

Membership of Research and Professional Organisations

Member of the convenors group of Network 17: History of Education under EERA/ECER.

Presentations and publications

She has attended academic conferences and PhD-courses in Denmark, Sweden, Portugal, Canada, Hungary and Turkey.

In 2014, she organised a workshop at the 17th Nordic Migration Conference in Copenhagen together with PhD-Student Angela Bauer.

Together with Associate Professor Christian Ydesen (Aalborg University, Denmark) she is guest editing a themed issue of Paedagogica Historica on the shaping of European welfare nation-states through professional encounters with the post-WWII immigrant to be published August 2016.

Padovan-Özdemir, Marta, "Racialised Entanglements of Teacher Professionalization and Problematised Immigrant Schoolchildren: Crafting a Danish Welfare Nation State, 1970-2013”, Paedagogica Historica, Themed Issue: Shaping European Welfare Nation-States through Professional Encounters with the Post-WWII Immigrant, Padovan-Özdemir, M. & Ydesen, C. guest eds., 52:5, August 2016.

Padovan-Özdemir, Marta & Moldenhawer, Bolette, "Making Precarious Immigrant Families and Weaving the Danish Welfare Nation-State Fabric 1970-2010", Race Ethnicity and Education (accepted Feb. 2016).

Padovan-Özdemir, Marta (2016 in press), "Multikulturelle udfordringer", in: R Alenkær, Inklusionsrådgiveren 1: Udvikling af fællesskaber, Dafolo.

Padovan-Özdemir, Marta (2014), "Ledelse af forskelle – eller forskelligørende ledelse? Lærernes håndtering af det flerkulturelle skole-hjem-samarbejde", in: L Moos & JB Krejsler (red.), Klasseledelsens dilemmaer – Fortsatte magtkampe i praksis, pædagogik og politik, Dafolo.

Padovan-Özdemir, Marta, ’Migratoriske dannelsesprocesser – når muslimske migranters segregering ikke nødvendigvis fører til antidemokratisk radikalisering’, Dansk Pædagogisk Tidsskrift, 2, maj, 2012, s. 28-39 (peer review),

Moldenhawer, Bolette & Padovan-Özdemir, Marta, Policy Brief. Policy Recommendations in the Domestic Context of Denmark, Ethnic Differences in Education and Diverging Prospects for Urban Youth in an Enlarged Europe (EDUMIGROM), University of Copenhagen, 2011

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