School Improvement

As someone working in Education, you are driven by a passion to enable people of all ages to learn and develop to their maximum. Thus, you want yourself and your organization to be as effective as possible in order to help learners achieve their potential. Your passion for excellence is often set in the context of increasing uncertainty that is often accompanied by rapidly imposed government policy driven change.

We at the University of Birmingham School of Education share your drive, your passion and your aims for outstanding learning for all your learners. We also understand the rapidly changing policy landscape because we work in it too.

We can help you develop yourself and improve your organization so that you can achieve that aim. We have a specially designed Masters programme in School Improvement which we can use to support your organizational improvement priorities, assist individuals and groups of your staff in making the changes and accrediting their work at Masters level.

We can customize our work with you so that the specific needs of your school (or cluster of schools) are addressed as we draw on the world class research and teaching expertise of our staff to provide specialist support. You may address your specific prorities by linking to a Masters or Doctoral qualification from our extensive range of Professional Development Programmes.

You are looking for a School of Education that is research engaged and research excellent, adept at developing and using a full range of conventional and innovative approaches to learning, teaching and assessment and with staff who relish these opportunities.

Get in touch with us – let yourself and your organisation be part of the growing success story that is the University of Birmingham School of Education.

We look forward to working with you.

Deputy Head Jane Chan talks about the School Improvement and Educational Leadership programme