Dr Tonie Stolberg

Dr Tonie Stolberg

School of Education
Lecturer in Science and Science Education
Welfare Officer

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School of Education
University of Birmingham
Edgbaston, Birmingham
B15 2TT, United Kingdom

His current work draws on both his background in research chemistry and psychology, and new data as to what practices (philosophically, educationally, pedagogically and culturally) might best be adopted to encourage personally meaningful educational practices.


  • DPhil. (Oxon)
  • BSc. (Edinburgh)
  • BA (Open)
  • MRSC
  • CChem.
  • FHEA


Undergraduate teaching includes courses in teaching and learning, psychology & Dissertation supervision.

Postgraduate supervision

Postgraduate responsibilities include: EdD (Learning and learning contexts); MRes, MPhil & PhD supervision.

Topics of current and recently completed doctoral studies include:

  • Religion and Sexuality Education: A narrative study with Christian young men.
  • Enhancing children’s perceptions of an engaging science education; examining the relationship between inquiry-based learning and students’ engagement with science
  • Sex Education: Perceptions and experiences of Window of Hope Tutors in Ghanaian colleges of Education
  • Critical Thinking in Chemistry Education: A study for practical application in secondary education based on questions, explanations and arguments
  • Adolescent Sexuality – A Pakistani Muslim Perspective
  • An investigation in to whether interleaving can improve the learning of science for 10-111 year olds.
  • Trainee teachers' understandings of news stories about science: beyond ideas about uncertainty.
  • "In other lessons I kind of switch off": the effects of teaching religious education through thinking skills.
  • Comprehending controversy: do children understand the social reality of religion as a result of their religious education?
  • An exploration of spiritual/&religious approaches to working with families with an 'autistic' member.


Tonie is interested in the different ways scientific meanings are used and, in particular, when individuals use a dominant epistemological lens. In his current research this is normally a particular faith tradition or artistic means of enquiry. How is this managed by the individual and learnt? How does the relevance of scientific & artistic/religious explanations alter when viewed within a particular personal context?

More generally, he is also interested in how such reflections impact on wider teaching and learning practices, pedagogical and curriculum developments and the aims of educational systems.

Areas of interest include (but not exclusively):

  • Science education
  • Science for all
  • Science and the creative arts
  • The teaching of and learning about controversial issues
  • Religion and science
  • The impact of faith on teaching and learning
  • Cultural influences on education
  • Pedagogy
  • Values and education
  • Phenomenological approaches to educational research


Selected publications

Heyes, J. and Stolberg, T. L. (2018) The lived ethics of abstinence: Christian young men’s experiences of romantic relationships. Sex Education. https://doi.org/10.1080/14681811.2018.1448974

Stolberg, T.L. (2012) Comunicating Science Through the Language of Dance: A Journey of Education and Reflection. In Arts and Atoms, Tami I. Spector (Ed.) 2012, Leonardo/MIT Press (eBook only). DOI:10.1162/leon.2006.39.5.426

Stolberg, T. L. and Teece, G. (2010) Teaching Religion and Science: Effective pedagogy and practical approaches for RE teachers. London: Routledge. ISBN: 978-0-415-54820-5.

Stolberg, T. L. (2010) Teaching Darwinian Evolution: Learning from religious education. Science & Education. (Available online: http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s11191-009-9187-5)

Stolberg, T. L. (2009) Student Thinking When Studying Science-and-Religion. Zygon: Journal of Religion and Science, 44(4), 849-860. DOI: 10.1111/j.1467-9744.2009.01037.x

Stolberg, T. L. (2008) Attending to the spiritual through the teaching of science: A study of pre-service primary teachers' attitudes. International Journal of Children's Spirituality, 13(2), 171-180.

Stolberg, T. L. (2008) W(h)ither the Sense of Wonder of Pre-service Primary Teachers when Teaching Science?: A preliminary study of their personal experiences. Teaching and Teacher Education, 24, 1958-1964.

Stolberg, T. L. (2007) The religio-scientific frameworks of pre-service primary teachers: An analysis of their influence on their teaching of science. International Journal of Science Education, 29(7), 909-930.

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