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Sunny, with a mild chance of catastrophe

Crimson clouds at sunset.

This Space Weather Instrumentation, Measurement, Modelling and Risk [SWIMMR] programme will develop and deploy new instruments, models and services to support the space weather community and the Met Office.

Spring Term with the Engineers

Engineering Rugby

The start of second term saw the Engineering 1st XV begin their run of games at our new home ground Avery Fields. Club Captain Pat Dore tells us more.

WISE: Equal and inspiring


This year has been fantastic for WISE! We held our very first collaborative event with oSTEM and BEaMS, continued our WISE Inspire! series, expanded our award-winning outreach scheme and collaborated more than ever.

2019/20 with EESE Soc


This year has been a successful one for the EESE Society. We have run a variety of events for our members and the rest of the School of Engineering.

RailSoc Spring Update 2020

RailSoc logo

RailSoc have had a great term with several graduates joining their activities, joint trips with fellow transport-related societies from other universities, and another hands-on driving experience. Matthew tells us more.

UBeRacing 2019 Competition Review and team update.


Their first entry into Formula Student 2019 UK was very successful given and their are big design plans ahead for a fully built car this year! Team Leader Sam Morris celebrates their success and hints at what's to come.

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