Mr Phil Atkins CEng, BSc, MPhil, FIOA, AFRIN, MIET

Mr Phil Atkins

Department of Electronic, Electrical and Systems Engineering
Senior Lecturer

Contact details

School of Electronic, Electrical and Systems Engineering
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Phil Atkins, Senior Lecturer, Electronic, Electrical & Systems Engineering, has 30 years’ experience of underwater sensors and their associated signal processing, including active and passive sonar systems, navigation systems, underwater communication systems and imaging/mapping technologies.

He has been the Principle Investigator of > 25 research contracts, mostly UK Government-funded, his research includes underwater position fixing, remote imaging within hazardous materials, remotely measuring capillary waves on the surface of the ocean, underwater bispectral and cyclo-stationary direction finding, subsurface covert communication and imaging systems, mapping in the surf zone, remote marine creature classification, incoherent synthetic aperture systems and the location of pin-hole leaks in landfill liner membranes.

He has been a member of the Technical Working Group for UK signature ranging capabilities, and an independent technical assessor for large Government procurement activities. He is a Co-Investigator of the Mapping the Underworld 1 and 2 projects, and currently has responsibility for investigating the underwater position fixing, networking and communication aspects of the Royal Navy mine hunter and oceanographic vessel replacement programme.


Lecturer in Electronics and Electrical Engineering:
• Fellow of the Institute of Acoustics
• Associate Fellow of the Royal Institute of Navigation
• Member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology
• Chartered Engineer
• MPhil 1981
• BSc (Hons) in Electronic and Electrical Engineering 1978


Phil Atkins grew up surrounded by an environment of professional engineering and family businesses. The expectation was that a career would develop in the manufacturing engineering management field. However, the delights of a varied academic career proved to be too seductive and he has remained in academia.

An earlier career in the materials testing field led to a general interest in computer control of machinery, sensors, power systems and electromechanical design. This later developed into the broad field of underwater sensing, navigation, acoustics and sonar signal processing. Often, these systems also required knowledge of RF communication systems in the HF and VHF bands (to 200 MHz) – building on an earlier interest in HF radar systems.

Phil continues to receive research contracts in the field of ‘hard-to-sense’ artefacts in both underwater and underground domains. Recent programmes have included sonar system design, underwater communications and network protocols as well as underground asset location systems.


Teaching Programmes
• First year digital systems
• Second year digital systems and embedded systems
• Third year project management.
• MSc advanced digital design
• Post-experience underwater acoustics and sonar signal processing.

Postgraduate supervision

Current postgraduate supervision includes the following areas:


  • Sonar Systems: target phase measurement and automatic classification of underwater objects. 
  • Sonar Systems: automatic normalisation of active sonar system receive signals in long-range, highly-reverberant environments.
  • Underground Detection: the use of streaming potentials for underground asset location and condition monitoring.
  • Micro-gravity gradient surveying methods (on fully funded PhD position available for a UK or European student available).


Acoustics, sonar system design and underground asset detection.

Over the next few years work will continue in the following areas:

Other activities

  • Membership representative for the IET. 
  • University of Birmingham representative on the Osprey Underwater Sensing Consortium 
  • Member of the international workshop on measurement standards for underwater noise. 
  • Consultant to a UK manufacturer of industrial measurement sensors. 
  • Coordinator for the Portland Underwater Acoustics and Sonar Signal Processing Course.
  • Association of Authorised Land Surveyors, Malaysia - Course lecturer on Underground Utility Mapping. 


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