Graduate career profiles

A degree in engineering will not teach you the answers... it will teach you how to find them. Critical thinking and a logical approach are a vital set of skills which I developed on my course and now apply on a daily basis to solve engineering problems in the real world. Christopher West, Production Manager with Powelectrics LTD

Alumni, School of Electronic, Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Birmingham

A number of our graduates have participated in interviews about the world of employment. Our alumni discuss their current professions, the process of gaining employment after graduation and how their degrees prepared them for their careers. You can view their profiles below:

NamePrevious programme of studyCurrent profession
Beyang Arrey (PDF) MSc Communications Engineering and Networks with Industrial Studies and BEng Computer Systems Engineering Graduate Software Engineer
James Atkinson (PDF) MEng Electronic Engineering Engineering Officer
Adebayo Balogun (PDF) MEng Electronic & Computer Engineering Graduate Engineering (Electrical)
Sam Burras (PDF) BEng Computer Interactive Systems with Business Management Marketing Executive
Anato Chowdhury (PDF) MEng Electrical and Energy Engineering Electrical Power Engineer
Dean Cleaver (PDF) MEng Computer Interactive Systems Client Technical Professional
Joe Deane (PDF) BEng Electronic and Electrical Engineering Digital Media Assistant
Naomi Dixon (PDF) MEng Electronic Engineering with year in industry Graduate FPGA Engineer
Rosanna Dymoke-Grainger (PDF) MEng Electronic and Electrical Engineering Graduate Electrical Construction
Charles Ekong (PDF) MEng Computer and Communications Systems Engineering Assistant Vice President, Global Rates & Currencies Technology
Anni Feng (PDF) MEng Computer and Communication Systems Engineering Graduate Consultant
Ryan Fisher (PDF) MEng Electronic & Electrical Engineering Graduate Electrical Engineer
Rob Foster (PDF) MEng Electronic & Communication Eng., Phd Antennas and Waveforms For Radar and Communications Systems Research Assistant
John Ghani (PDF) MEng Computer Systems Engineering Business and Technical Consultant
Ali Haidar (PDF) BEng Electronic and Communication Systems Engineering Project Engineer
Isuru Herath (PDF) BEng Computer Systems Engineering, Phd In Electronic & Electrical Engineering Consultant
Samuel Hiscock (PDF) MEng Electronic and Computer Engineering Executive Support Analyst
David Hutt (PDF) MEng Computer and Communications Systems Engineering Consultant Systems Engineer
Sanjeev Jangra (PDF) BEng Computer and Communications Systems Engineering Teacher Of Mathematics
Zein Aftab Khan (PDF) BEng Electronic and Communication Engineering Analyst
Ben Kings (PDF) MEng Electronic and Electrical Engineering Graduate—Systems
Omar Abu Maizer (PDF) BEng Electronic, Electrical and Computer Engineering Technical Analyst
Tom Male (PDF) MEng Computer Interactive Systems with Industrial Studies Group Business Services Graduate
John Mallinder (PDF) MEng Computer Systems Engineering IT Track Lead
Darren Mather (PDF) BEng Electronic Engineering (later completed an MBA at Birmingham Business School) Product Development Engineer
Andrew Pargeter (PDF) BEng Electronic Engineering Railway Signalling Design Engineer
Benjamin Percival (PDF) MEng Electronic and Electrical Engineering Design Engineer
Matthew Radford (PDF) BEng Electrical, Electronic Engineering with Industrial Studies Junior Electronic Engineer
Russell Preece (PDF) BEng Electronic and Electrical Engineering Design Engineer
Nick Rawson (PDF) MEng Electronic, Electrical and Computer Engineering Graduate Engineer (Aerospace)
Greg Reynolds (PDF) MEng Electronic Engineering, Phd Entitled ‘Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Methods for Paediatric Brain Tumour Classification’ Technical Director
Simon Roberts (PDF) MEng Interactive Systems with Management Software Engineer
Ben Ruben (PDF) MEng Electronic & Electrical Eng with Management Control Systems & Instrumentation Eng.
Theodore Rutherford (PDF) BEng Computer Systems Engineering Systems Designer
Pardeep Sahota (PDF) BEng Computer Systems Engineering Graduate Test Engineer
Tim Snell (PDF) MEng Computer Systems Engineering with Business Management Advanced Product Creation Engineer
Michael Trim (PDF) MEng Computer Systems Engineering Electronics Engineer
Robert Wawrzynczak (PDF) MEng Computer Systems Engineering Graduate Technology Analyst
Christopher West (PDF) BEng Electronic and Electrical Engineering Production Manager
Daniel Yap (PDF) BEng Electronic and Communications Engineering Commercial Engineer