Industrial partners for the HiTemp project include:

  • Birmingham City Council, who are interested in assessing heat health risk across Birmingham;
  • E.ON/Western Power, who are interested in examining the impacts of heat and climate change on transformers;
  • Campbell Scientific, who are supplying some of the meteorological equipment;
  • Aginova, who are developing and supplying the bespoke WiFi air temperature sensor.

Potential applications for BUCL networks include:

  • Impacts on the built environment,
  • adaptation measures,
  • climate change projections,
  • urban modelling,
  • urban planning, geo-engineering,
  • sustainable solutions,
  • health and society impacts,
  • infrastructure resilience,
  • weather forecasting,
  • remote sensing validation,
  • any projects requiring or benefitting from high-resolution meteorological data (i.e. urban hydrology, ecology).

Future work proposes the expansion of the BUCL network of sensors to examine more parameters (i.e. air quality, CO2 flux) in more areas (i.e. industrial corridors).

If you are interested in becoming involved with BUCL, or for more information about the network and data, please contact the BUCL research team at or 0121 414 9005.