Career opportunities

Although the time when you will have to select a final career probably seems a long way away, it is important to consider potential future careers when choosing your university degree course.

Earth and Environmental Sciences

The scientific education provided by our programmes, with their emphasis on rigorous observation, data collection and interpretation, means that job prospects for Earth and Environmental Sciences graduates are excellent.

Current opportunities

Geography and Planning

Geography and Planning graduates are highly regarded by employers because they are flexible and have a broad range of transferable skills.

Example employers

  • Met Office
  • Mott MacDonald
  • Birmingham City Council
  • Network Stratigraphic Consulting Ltd
  • Wardell Armstrong

Example occupations

  • Assistant Scientist (Hydrology)
  • Design Engineer
  • Air Quality Consultant
  • Assistant Planner
  • Engineering Geologist

Examples of further study

  • Environmental Health
  • PhD in Human Geography
  • PhD in Metallurgy & Materials

Doctoral Researcher