Advanced Project

60 Credits

The Advanced Project represents an opportunity for students to consolidate and demonstrate their geological knowledge after three years of study. It is an independent research project that will deliver training in project execution and presentation at a high level, helping to develop transferable skills valued by a broad range of employers and continued study. 

 There is flexibility in the choice of projects, depending in part on the student's background and particular areas of interest. Training will be given in any specialised techniques necessary to complete the project. Supervisors will have ideas and lists of suitable projects but there is scope, and encouragement, for students to develop their own projects.  

 All projects involve components of design, planning, data collection, interpretation and presentation. This may involve fieldwork, laboratory studies, library research, industrial placement, or a combination of these elements. The ultimate goal is to produce publication-quality research and conference-quality oral presentations. Many students have successfully published their research in peer-reviewed journals, and have used the project as a springboard to PhD research.

Key skills that you will develop on this module are:

  • Research project design
  • Research ethics
  • Collection, analysis and interpretation of scientific data
  • Oral and written presentation skills
  • Technical skills as relevant to the project


  • Oral presentation
  • Academic report