Basin Analysis and Neotectonics


Basin Analysis investigates basin formation and controls on sedimentary fills. The module focuses on techniques, such as sequence stratigraphy, for unravelling sedimentary sequences in 4D and developing a thorough understanding of the inter-linked internal and external drivers of basin development and evolution. The module includes a residential field course to SE Spain where there is an emphasis on interpretation of structures and processes controlling the formation of basins in a geological ‘young’ tectonically active region and their sedimentary infilling.  A key aspect of the module will be developing a high-level understanding of the interaction between tectonics, sedimentation, sea level and climate change and integrating pertinent research developments in this field.


Lectures, practical classes, fieldwork


  • Spain fieldwork 4 x 15% on trip day exercises and 1 x poster exercise on return 15% (75% of module)
  • Basin analysis project linked to degree programme (25%)