Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology


This module is concerned with engineering geology and pollution hydrogeology, focussing on developing skills that would be required in site investigation. These skills are largely quantitative, requiring a fundamental understanding of maths.  Ultimately students will learn how geological theory can be used in solving practical problems. 

The module mainly focusses on: (1) the engineering properties of rocks and soils; (2) geological and environmental considerations involved in ground investigation; (3) the transportation of contaminants in groundwater. 

Practical sessions focus on two assessed exercises: (1) completion of a site investigation for an area of proposed construction; (2) investigation of a groundwater pollution problem using professional groundwater pollution transport software (latter available on University computers but also available free for installation on own computers). 


Lectures and guided practical sessions. 

Engineering Geology will for the first half of the module consist of 10 lectures alongside five short (1 hour) practical sessions.  In the second half of the module these practical sessions will be longer (2 hours).  Hydrogeology will consist of integrated lectures and practical sessions throughout the module.  


  • Site investigation (35%)
  • Pollution hydrogeology study (15%)
  • Examination (50%)