Geoscience Project


This module develops students’ skills in Earth Science research methods, including leading a short independent research project and making a scientific presentation. It develops students’ ability to undertake basic statistics in the context of geoscience and work with digital resources to make geological models.

By the end of the module students should be able to:

  • Research Earth Sciences topics, find relevant journal papers using a variety of methods, including elibrary and online databases such as Web of Science;
  • Understand the concept and definition of a scientific hypotheses and how to form them;
  • Critically evaluate sources of information and structure a reasoned argument;
  • Produce an oral presentation either as a live powerpoint show or recorded podcast to accompany a written essay;
  • Use computing applications to perform data organisation and undertake basic statistics in relation to geological/physical geographical/palaeobiological problems;
  • Interpret a range of simple statistical analyses;
  • Work with GIS and/or other digital media to manipulate geological/physical geographical/palaeobiological models.


  • 10 minute powerpoint or 5 minute podcast presentation 20%;
  • 2000 word project report 80%.