Resource Geology


To provide a fundamental introductory understanding of the principles and practice of resource geology and the geophysical interpretation.


The broad, introductory module in resource geology aims to develop themes that underpin exploitation of the Earth’s physical resources, and that are central to many graduate careers in geoscience. These themes comprise:

  • Resources as bulk materials, aggregates: exploration and evaluation using Geographical Information Systems (GIS);

  • Hydrocarbon systems and application of seismic reflection and well-logging methods for their exploration;

  • Igneous ore deposits: formation, exploration using gravity, magnetics and remote sensing;

  • Surface and hydrothermal ore deposits;

  • Earth’s energy resources: formation and extraction of oil, gas, coal, ground source, nuclear resources;

  • Resource management;

  • The module also included training in the production of concise, structured reports developed to professional standards as expected in industry and employment. Practical components are based on real-world scenarios and where possible link to fieldwork modules.Assessment:


100% coursework comprising 3 professional reports summarising practical exercises in GIS (30%), Remote Sensing (30%), and Geophysics (40%).