Chemical and Biological Incident Management


The objectives of the CBIM module are to enable students to understand the causes of chemical and biological incidents; introduce methods of assessing the impacts of incidents; and develop a practical approach to managing and solving problems caused by chemical and biological incidents.

By the end of the module students should be able to:

  • Understand how chemical and biological incidents may occur and identify sources of contamination.
  • Discuss the current techniques for assessing exposure to contaminants from incidents.
  • Understand how emergency planning is used for management of incidents.
  • Understand how risk assessment can applied to chemical and biological incidents.
  • Have knowledge of environmental epidemiology in relation to incidents.
  • Appreciate the legislative issues (Including liability) of incidents.
  • Discuss the methods available for communicating the risk of incidents to the public.
  • Evaluate the relative merits and disadvantages of remediation techniques available for chemical and biological spills.


  • Management Plan 70% (3000 words), Poster (30%)