Applied Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

This course will teach the fundamentals of GPS, GIS and Remote Sensing. The main aim is to enable the student to be proficient in the creation of digital maps by the familiarisation of basic GIS techniques. Simple spatial analysis is considered towards the end of the course to educate students to the potential analyses suitable for dissertation topics. 

Weekly Topics: 

Week 1: Vector and Raster Data Models 
Week 2: Practical Class 1: Using ArcGIS 
Week 3: Practical Class 2: Making Themed Maps 
Week 4: GPS and Remote Sensing 
Week 5: Practical Class 3: Collecting and Using GPS Data 
Week 6: Practical Class 4: Sources of Data 
Week 7: Digitising and Editing Data 
Week 8: Practical Class 5: Digitising Data from Basemaps 
Week 9: Practical Class 6: Data Analysis 
Week 10: Raster and Vector Analysis, and Distributed GIS