Economy, Space and Policy

This 10-credit module provides an introduction to key processes of economic change shaping the fortunes of cities in Britain, Europe and North America.

It complements URS 102 (Society, Space and Policy), which emphasised how processes of social change in urban areas are strongly driven by underlying economic forces.

This module explores these economic issues in more detail and highlights the role they play in shaping urban policy and planning priorities in cities.

It adopts an accessible and practical approach to contemporary economic issues, their urban implications, and the impact upon city planning.

Throughout the module we draw upon current case studies of economic change in major cities such as:

  • Munich
  • Barcelona
  • Manchester
  • Toronto
  • Berlin
  • Detroit

By the end of the module you should be able to:

  • Report writing and layout
  • Analysis of city economies and structural change
  • Generation of viable policy and planning responses to contemporary urban economic challenges