Event Management


The events industry, including festivals, meetings, conferences, exhibitions, incentives, sports and a range of other events, is rapidly developing and making significant contributions to the economic, social, cultural and business environment.

With the increased regulation requirements and the growth of government and corporate involvement in events, they comprise complex interactions among several stakeholders, such as the participants, event venue, design, the management system flow, volunteers, staff, and government.

Event managers are now required to identify and service this wide range of stakeholders and balance their needs and objectives.

The main aim of this module is to introduce participants to the basic principles of Event Management, through a marketing and communications perspective.

To achieve this, the module comprises the basic concepts in Event Management, such as:

  • Strategic purpose of special events
  • Event objectives
  • The importance of event theme
  • Marketing planning and communications
  • The key areas in event planning process


100% coursework, individual assignments (3000 words)

Key skills

Students will learn to:

  • Develop an understanding of events industry within its broader context
  • Critically evaluate the strategic importance of special events
  • Appreciate the importance of Event Management, specifically from a marketing and communications perspective
  • Become familiar with planning, scheduling and managing events using key event management processes and techniques