Geopolitics and Globalisation


The process of globalization deeply affects the dynamics of political organization and interaction, both within states and between them.

The aim of this module is to develop a critical understanding of the political-geographical dimension of the globalization process.

It will study the ways in which globalization is transforming global spaces of political organization, but at the same time ask if there are enduring geopolitical patterns and tendencies which are not fundamentally reshaped by the globalism of the contemporary world.

Specific topics to be considered include:

  • Debates on the nature of globalization and the reshaping of global politics
  • The effect of globalization on space/power correlations and the creative city
  • Shifting scales of political organization, and influence
  • The challenge of globalization for the nation-state and state sovereignty
  • The superpowers of the future (JC)
  • The age of austerity: the globalisation of money, power and policy
  • Globalization and the geopolitics of national identity


  • Project

Key skills

  • Extended essay writing skills
  • Discussion of complex and contradictory data sources
  • Presentation skills