Introduction to Social Policy


The module provides students with a broad introduction to the study of social policy. Because policy is not made in a political or socio-economic vacuum, it endeavours to impart an understanding of the fluid and changing nature of social policy in the UK within the dynamic societal context. The module introduces key sets of policies and ideas and students will be encouraged to critically examine current policies and their political, economic and social implications.

The module consists of four parts:

  1. The ideas and concepts that underpin social policy: Who provides social policy, who pays for it and who decides important issues.
  2. Application of these ideas, as well as an exploration of contemporary issues, to specific policy areas such as health and housing.
  3. People and social policy; equal opportunities, citizenship and social exclusion.

The influence of demographic change, global social policy and the future prospects for British Social Policy.


  • Exam (50%)
  • 2,000 word assignment (50%)