Research Labs and Fieldwork: Theory and Practice - Human Geography and Planning


The module will prepare students for their final year piece of independent research (i.e. dissertation). Students choose either a Human or Physical Geography Pathway depending upon the nature of their proposed research. The module consists of a series of alternating lectures and small group teaching (Dissertation Labs). The lectures provide guidance on research design, theoretical framing and methodological rigour. 

The small group teaching provides a forum in which the lecture content can be discussed in more detail. It also aims to facilitate the sharing of ideas (tutor-student and peer-to-peer) as well as the development of independent research topics. 

The field work element will enable students to apply their knowledge in the field in order to refine their understanding and facilitate the development of necessary research skills. 

By the end of the module, students should be able to:

  • Identify the literature and conceptual framework that they will employ in their final year research project
  • Demonstrate an awareness and understanding of the research strategy, approach, and associated methods required for their final year research project
  • Work effectively in a group in order to carry out a small piece of research as part of the overseas field course
  • Reflect critically on the challenges and obstacles associated with undertaking a major research project


  • 2000 word dissertation proposal/literature review (50%) 
    2000 field work report (50%)