Geographies of Russia in a Regional and Global Context

This module will introduce you to the political, economic, and social geography of Russia. 

The course develops key pathways from Years 1 and 2, and will consolidate theoretical concepts by giving you opportunities to apply them to an exciting and engaging case study. Students will enhance their understanding of Russia, and its regional and global significance. 

In terms of assessment, you will be encouraged to think critically and creatively to pursue a policy paper on an area of your interest. You will be offered guidance in combining academic rigour and theoretical analysis with a requirement to persuade, influence, and shape a policy audience. 

The policy report will foster your independent learning skills and reflective ability, as you will be encouraged to critically engage with some of the enduring stereotypes of Russia. These reports will be accessible and informative, but research-led, theoretically informed, and empirically grounded. The module will also include an end of year exam, and peer-to-peer feedback will be encouraged through formative assessment of a group presentation.