Society, Space and Policy


This 10-credit module provides an introduction to key concepts underpinning the study of urban development and to the dynamics of social and spatial changes in major cities of Britain, Europe and North America.

It explores how major processes of change influence different kinds of cities and the diverse groups within urban society.

The context for the course is the apparent “urban renaissance” of recent years and new challenges posed by the economic crisis since 2008.

Many big cities have enjoyed an impressive economic revival, their centres have undergone striking physical transformations and their populations have been growing for the first time in decades.

But these changes are creating new social complexities that are reflected in patterns of urban development and in new challenges for urban planners and policy makers.

These pressures have been compounded by the severe economic downturn that took hold in 2008.


  • Essay

Key skills

  • Essay writing
  • Research and analysis of contemporary social and spatial change in cities