Urban Studies Extended Essay


The extended essay is a 7,500 word maximum essay on a planning related topic. It can either be a thematic generic review, a topic analysis made on one case study or a critical assessment of one or several related policies.

It can be correlated to each student's personal and professional interest and should have some practical and policy relevance.

Unlike a dissertation primary research is not compulsory, but can be included if it were appropriate to the topic and the methodology.

Students are asked to formalise a proposal and the final essay topic is determined in consultation with each supervisor.


There will be an inception briefing meeting and proposal presentations and then meetings to be arranged with individual supervisors


  • 1 x 1.5 hour exam (50%) – essay style
  • 2,500 word essay (40%) – on an aspect of the informal economy of the student's choice
  • Small groups presentation and class participation (10%)

Key skills

  • Research skills
  • Research methodology skills
  • Data analysis
  • Critical reflective skills