'An impact perspective on changing drought risk across Europe'

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Lectures Talks and Workshops, Life and Environmental Sciences, Research
Wednesday 9th December 2015 (16:00-17:00)
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Part of the School Seminar Series

Speaker: Professor Kerstin Stahl, University of Freiburg

Host: Sandy Milner


Droughts will become more frequent and severe in the future, suggest climate model scenarios - even for relatively humid regions in Europe. But what will such changes mean for people? Water supply shortages? Crop losses? Energy price hikes? Fish habitat degradation? This seminar will approach the differences in drought risk across Europe from the perspective of “drought impacts”, defined here as the negative consequences of drought on environment, society, and economy. In a collaborative effort, the EU project DROUGHT-R&SPI (Fostering drought research and science-policy interfacing), collected, categorized and archived drought impact reports from the past decades. The spatial and temporal patterns of these reported impacts elucidate Europe’s differences in drought vulnerability. Combined with records of hydrometeorological drought indicators, the impact data have also been used to model a sectorial drought risk in different regions and countries. This cross-disciplinary view on drought allows an impact-based climate risk assessment that can inform adaptation options in an international framework.