'Climatic and Biogeochemical Changes during Past Warm Climates'

Aston Webb Building - G33
Lectures Talks and Workshops, Life and Environmental Sciences, Research
Wednesday 11th October 2017 (16:00-17:00)
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Part of the School Seminar Series

Speaker: Professor Richard Pancost, Director of the University of Bristol Cabot Institute

Hosts: Dr Tom Dunkley-Jones

Two of the central questions to Earth history and climate change researchers are how hot has it been in the past and how did it affect the Earth system.  Lipid biomarkers represent a powerful set of tools for answering these questions, especially when integrated with climate models and other proxies.  In this talk, I'll explore the development of new proxies for temperature, hydrological change and methane cycling in terrestrial settings and their application to Eocene hyperthermals.  The evidence that these time periods were particularly warm, even at high latitudes, is now compelling.  Intriguingly, the various changes in sedimentology, geomorphology, soil character and lipid biomarkers indicate that these hot climates were characterised by the intense episodic rainfall events, which will have had profound impacts on the Earth's vegetation and biogeochemistry.