Hao: MSc Air Pollution Management and Control

Hao, an alumnus of the MSc Air Pollution Management and Control course, describes his experiences of the course and of life in the School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of Birmingham.


My name is Hao Huang. I’m from China. I’m currently doing my final year PhD, in University of Birmingham. My research project is development of an instrument that measures the atmospheric ozone production rates. 

I did MSc Air Pollution Management and Control in Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences School at the University of Birmingham. The course about – give you general knowledge about everything related to air pollution.  The course was one year course; it’s postgraduate course so you – at the end of the course you get a MSc degree. 

There wasn’t any internship during the course because the course was rather short. It was one year and there was massive works – cross-works – and lab works to do, so there wasn’t any internship, but speaking for practical works, by doing lab works, you could get a lot of experiment of research – of this area – of researching work. 

There was a field trip that I remembered clearly from four years ago. The field trip was about visiting a waste combustion power plant; you could see how the waste was combusted and the air pollution generated by the power plant and how the people that working in the power plant control the air pollution. I think that was a very good experience. 

Also for the lab works, for this course, you need to pass both exams and the dissertation. The dissertation includes a research topic which you have to carry out by yourself, and the research project includes a lot of lab works. 

The University of Birmingham is known for its strong academic background and other professors in Geography, Earth and Environment Sciences School had a lot of publications and academic rewards, and that’s why I choose the University of Birmingham. 

If you are interested in air pollution area, or you just want to know more about how people control air pollution and how air pollution was generated, then you should definitely apply for this course at the University of Birmingham.