Muhammad Nasir: MSc Public and Environmental Health Sciences

Muhammad Nasir"Most of the lecturers are experts in both practice and theory. There are many case studies in the class which make me feel that I am in a real working environment." 


Can you give a short outline of the course you study at the University of Birmingham?

I study MSc Public and Environmental Health Sciences which provides well-structured multidisciplinary knowledge. I find the modules very interesting and enjoyable with highly experienced lecturers. Most of the lecturers are experts in both practice and theory. There are many case studies in the class which make me feel that I am in a real working environment.

The course covers all aspects of public health and environmental health which makes me able to see public and environmental health issues from many aspects and be more holistic.

What made you to decide to study at the University of Birmingham rather than in your home country?

First of all, the United Kingdom is one of the most beautiful countries with its historical places. The UK also has the best health service in the world. I chose the University of Birmingham because it had the specific course that I wanted to do. UoB also has an international reputation which provides a lot of opportunity in both working or continuing to the next level of study after finishing.

How did you find your first few weeks at Birmingham?

As I am non-native english speaker, I found difficulties in understanding the language as most people speak very quickly. However, I did not find this to be a problem in class as the lecturers teach very clearly and speak slowly, they really understand that they are dealing with international students who don’t speak English in their own country. The lecturers are also very helpful, they offered more help to the students so I feel free to ask them for help and contact them when I need help.

How has the University benefitted you?

The tuition fee covers all the academic expenditure such as academic trips and laboratory work, and the University also has very good facilities such as the library and study spaces.

The University applies an independent learning system which teaches me to study independently, reading more to solve problem on my own, that is a very good point for me.

The university provides a lot of academic support such as language support, statistics, research and more.

How do you find campus life?

Very nice and enjoyable. It is easy to socialise in a multi culture environment, and I can build good networks around the world as we meet with many students from many different countries.

How do you find living in Birmingham? Is it how you expected it to be? Do you find the student community here supportive?

Living in Birmingham is amazing, as a Muslim I am really happy as Birmingham has a big Muslim community so it is easy to find halal food and spaces to pray both within University and outside of the University.

Have you joined any student societies or taken part in any events during your studies?

I have joined in some communities including the Indonesia society, the Angklung society (traditional music of Indonesia), and Badminton.

Any tips or words of wisdom that you would like to pass on to other students thinking of coming to study here?

“Studying is more than just sitting in class. Socialising, networking and joining the community are parts of studying that will give you new things that you would not get within a lecture”. 

“The outcome of learning is writing, but writing without reading is emptiness”

What are your future career aspirations?

I want to be a lecturer and researcher supporting practical aspects in the field of environmental health.